This dramatic bi-thermal treatment mask first warms to promote vitamin absorbency within the skin, then cools to seal in hydrating benefits, firm and refine the skin.

Following a consultation with my therapist, the Anti-Free Radicals Mask Treatment was recommended to address concerns of over exposure to the summer sun and the signs of ageing.

Once comfortably ready, in the softly lit room and under lovely warm covers, my therapist began with the relaxing Pevonia Welcome Wellness Ritual, which is specially designed to stimulate the nervous system using kneading, pressing and stretching techniques. This was followed by eye and lip cleansing with Pevonia Eye Make-Up Remover and Anti-Stress Eye Lotion. Then my face, neck and décolleté were cleansed using All Skin Types Cleanser and finished with All Skins Types Lotion.

The next step was to exfoliate my skin. My eyes were covered with gauze moistened with Anti-Stress Eye Lotion, which felt incredibly refreshing after too long looking at a computer screen. She then brushed the prepared Enzymes Powder Mask mixture on my face and neck and left it on during the 10-minute steaming process. The enzymes nibble away at the dead skin and impurities to leave a truly clean surface. Once complete, the steamer was turned off and excess product removed, before my therapist performed extractions. This is my favourite part of a treatment. However, for those who don’t like it, it can be skipped.

Once my pores were nicely clean, Phyto-Gel Cleanser was worked into my skin to ensure all of the enzymes were thoroughly removed. I love this bubbly cleanser and use it in my night time routine at home. The Phyto-Gel Cleanser was followed by another application of the same Lotion used earlier.

My therapist then massaged Vitaminic Concentrate into my face. This is a power packed serum with Vitamins A and E, squalane (hydrating - it comes from green olives), azulene (calming) and mandarin orange oil to soften and brighten the skin. This is a wonderful anti-free radical treatment to revitalise and nourish dry, dehydrated skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines. It was massaged in for around 10 minutes which felt and smelled amazing, thanks to the mandarin orange oil.

Once the massage was complete and I was in a deep state of relaxation, my eyes were, again, covered by gauze and Anti-Stress Eye Lotion. Then, Micro-Emulsion Massage Cream was brushed over my face and a dry gauze face mask applied, before brushing on more of the cream.

Now it is time for the mask itself. This is mixed as needed, then applied in a thick layer to my face. Over the following 10 minutes, I can feel the mask working. It begins by warming up to assist vitamin absorbency, then it cools down to seal everything in, and refine and firm the skin. The mask sets hard during this time, while my therapist performs the Conclusion Wellness Ritual on my legs and feet, using Tension Relief Gel. This has a cooling effect and feels soothing after rushing around prior to the treatment.

When ready, the mask is lifted straight off my face in one piece. Residue is removed and further Lotion used. I then had an application of Evolutive Eye Cream around the eye area and Care Cream to my face and neck. When I thought I had experienced my full quota of pampering for the day, I was treated to a hot neck roll to remove any remaining tension from my neck and shoulders. It feels so good!

Then with a spritz of Phyto-Aromatic Mist to my face, neck and décolleté, my treatment concludes, and I am left with an uplifted mood and beautifully hydrated skin.

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