Recognising Oily Skin?

Everyone has oil in their skin, as sebum is naturally produced by sebaceous glands and secreted through the pores. This is all part of having healthy skin, with the oil keeping it hydrated and protecting from irritation. Where someone has an oily complexion, this is caused by overactive sebaceous glands which produce too much oil.

Oily skin could be confined to certain areas, or affect the entire face. It will make skin look shiny and be greasy to the touch. Often it will affect the T zone whilst the cheeks remain dry.

Symptoms of oily skin include enlarged pores, an uneven texture and frequent breakouts. You may also see that your make-up begins to creep and slide from your face due to the excess oil.

Over-active glands can lead to breakouts, as dead skin and impurities mix with the sebum and block the pores.

The causes of oily skin include environmental, hormonal and lifestyle factors, along with age and genetic make-up. Enlarged pores are also likely to produce more oil and a poor skincare routine or using the wrong products can worsen the problem. It’s not all bad news though, you don’t have to suffer for ever, as the condition can be improved through a good skincare routine.

Skin naturally changes over time, so someone with an oily complexion in their 20s, may have dry skin as they progress through middle age. This is because sebum production slows down as we age.

The silver lining with an oily complexion, is that you are less likely to suffer from premature and deep-set wrinkles, due to the higher moisture content within the skin keeping those signs of ageing at bay.

Improving the Appearance of Oily Skin

Because their skin already feels greasy, many people avoid oil-based products and choose something very harsh to strip the oils from their skin. This is counter-productive as, although you will experience nice clean skin, sebum production will continue returning the skin to its oily state.

If your skin is oily, keep your hands away from your face to ensure it stays as clean as possible and don’t pick or squeeze the spots when they appear! Clean the skin, twice a day, with an appropriate product and use a toner with anti-bacterial properties but without alcohol. These will remove dirt, impurities and excess oil. Avoid harsh chemicals and rough wash cloths that can irritate the skin, then pat skin dry rather than rubbing with a towel. Where necessary, use medicated acne treatments and carefully follow the instructions given.

Gentle exfoliation will help keep your pores clear, so add this into your routine once or twice a week. Don’t be tempted to exfoliate daily, as stripping the oils will cause the sebacaeous glands to produce even more oil to compensate. Use caution if you also have acne.

In addition to having an oily complexion, it is possible for skin to be dry and dehydrated at the same time, so don’t give up on the moisturiser. Choose a lightweight product with hard-working active ingredients. Using a heavy cream on combination skin can cause further issues, but those that mattify are ideal to use daily.

It is also a good idea to look at facial masks, as these can help normalise oily skin. There are masks for use at home, but your local salon or spa will be able to recommend professional treatments, using a higher concentration of active ingredients where you will see visible results.

Each day and all year round, along with other skin types, you should use products with an SPF to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Don’t give up on the sunscreen, thinking it will make your skin oillier. Sunburn can dry out surface oils and make sebaceous glands even more active. Choose one that works well for you.

It is worth remembering that everyone’s skin is different, so it could be useful to visit a professional for advice, before commiting to a new skincare range. If there are environmental factors that are affecting your skin, make changes where possible. A change in diet and surroundings could pay dividends.

 Ingredients to look for in Skincare

Check the ingredients list on your skincare products. Avoid those that could strip away natural oils. Products that are non-comedogenic will help keep pores clear. Look for ingredients such as witch hazel that acts as a natural astringent and is anti-inflammatory. Oats contain natural cleansers, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, so are ideal within a product to clean your skin.


Phyto-Gel Cleanser

A unique foaming, cleansing gel formulated with natural plant extracts that thoroughly cleanse, purify, tighten, and hydrate the skin. A great treatment gel for all soap-and-water lovers of any skin type. It leaves the skin clean, fresh, soft and supple.

Clear Control Exfoliator

This blemish-fighting acne face wash doubles as a Cleanser and Exfoliator for acne and breakout prone skin. It lather's away excess oil and impurities while gently yet effectively diminishing bacteria and pore-clogging dead cells.  It's unique formula includes Kaolin clay to effortlessly remove excess bacteria, oils, makeup, and other impurities.

Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser

This unique, gently polishing exfoliant combines natural Jojoba granules, Soapwort, Horse chestnut and Chamomile, to gently eliminate dead skin cells, sebum, toxins and impurities without irritating your skin. Renders the skin soft, smooth, clean, and supple. Recommended for all soap-and-water lovers. Can be used as a daily cleanser or alternated with any other Pevonia cleanser, according to skin type.

Hydrating Sunscreen SPF40

Silky-smooth in texture, this easy to apply greaseless emulsion provides immediate protection. Its dual-phase protective action both reflects and absorbs the sun’s harmful rays. Additionally, it completely safeguards the skin from burning and ageing rays (UVA & UVB) as well as infra-red rays. Hydrating and soothing, this multi-function sunscreen effectively counteracts sun and ageing damage. Recommended for all skin types.

Pure Skin Charcoal Mask

Containing the finest micronised Charcoal, the Pure Skin Charcoal Mask easily pulls toxins out of the skin for a clean, purified and healthy complexion. Also featuring natural Shea Butter and Squalane, this mask supplies essential skin-compatible lipids to moisturise and protect, while softening skin texture.

Ideal for those with oily skin, dilated pores, skin with impurities, smokers and for acne control, the addition of Grapefruit Extract provides astringent and brightening benefits, while smelling utterly delicious.


Pevonia spas and salons offer a range of facials designed for specific skin concerns. Speak to your therapist about the most appropriate one to address an oily complexion along with any other skin concerns you may have. To find your nearest Pevonia spa/salon, click here.

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