Did you know that Magnesium does hundreds of different jobs in the body? Every organ in the body, especially the heart, muscles, and kidneys, needs the mineral magnesium. It also contributes to the makeup of teeth and bones.

Magnesium deficiency is a condition in which the amount of magnesium in the blood is lower than normal. The medical name of this condition is hypomagnesemia.

Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency

When the level of magnesium in the body drops below normal, symptoms develop as a result.

Common symptoms include:

  • Calcification of the arteries. Unfortunately, this is one of the first symptoms to appear, as well as one of the most serious.
  • Abnormal eye movements (nystagmus).
  • Muscle spasming and cramping.
  • Numbness.
  • Anxiety, depression, fatigue.
  • Hormone imbalances.
  • High Blood Pressure / hypertension.
  • Pregnancy discomfort.
  • Low energy.
  • Bone health.


Magnesium is also known for its superb ability to deliver expedited pain management relief for muscles, cramps, and spasms.  It’s an incredible mineral because it can make a real difference to health and wellbeing in midlife, and it doesn’t take too long to work either.

What naturally contains Magnesium?

Leafy green vegetables like kale, rocket and spinach, plus wholegrains like brown or wholemeal bread are all great sources of magnesium, which of course we can consume as part of our diet. But magnesium is also naturally formed in the ocean and can be extracted from the sea water and used in skincare which is then absorbed through the skin – read on to find out more about Pevonia’s Marine Magnesium seawater in a bottle!

Magnesium For Menopause

Here are 5 reasons why this magnificent mineral is beneficial for aiding certain menopause symptoms:

Boost Your Energy

Magnesium has a crucial role in energy production in the body, so if you’re low in magnesium, you’re likely to be feeling tired all the time.

Control Your Stress Levels

Magnesium helps to calm the nervous system and regulate the body’s response to stress. Mild anxiety and struggling to switch off are classic signs of low magnesium levels. By increasing your levels of magnesium, this will assist you to manage stress and prepare you to deal more confidently with the trials and tribulations of daily life.

Easy on the Aches

Magnesium normalises muscle function and can assist to ease those tired, aching muscles, as well as relieve restless legs syndrome which is associated with the Menopause. It can also support the recovery from extreme exercise or even injury.

Healthy Heart

Vital for heart health, magnesium supports the nerve impulses and muscle contractions that ensure a regular heartbeat. It also helps to normalise blood pressure levels.

Natures Pain Reliever

The calming properties of magnesium along with the role it plays in relieving vascular and muscle tension may make it a natural analgesic. Pre-menstrual headaches are also often associated with low levels of magnesium.

Whilst there are many ways in which we can boost Magnesium levels in our body internally, i.e. through foods and supplements, here we are focusing on the external application to our skin to aid in the easing of muscular tension, aches, cramping, as well as relieving stress experienced as a repercussion of these symptoms - all of which are common symptoms of those who are going through the Menopause period.

Marine Magnesium in Ocean Water: Naturally Charged with Negative Ions

Our Skin Is . . .

  • Surrounded with Environmental Toxins
  • Surrounded By Toxic Air
  • Suffers from Environmental Abuse
  • Depleted from Negative Ions
  • Concentrated with Positive Ions

A tired, depleted, deficient skin needs to be recharged with negative ions. When the skin is recharged with negative ions, a wonderful equilibrium is created.

Our skin can go through all sorts of changes during the menopause period, but our body also experiences an array of aches, restlessness and stress and this is where Magnesium comes to the rescue.

A little bit of science ...

Natural Marine Magnesium vs. Synthetic Magnesium

  • Magnesium Chloride is what’s called a “magnesium salt.”
    • It’s a compound of the mineral, magnesium, and the essential electrolyte, chloride.
  • As already mentioned above, Magnesium is used in hundreds of processes across the body.
    • It’s essential for chemical reactions, the production and transport of energy, synthesis of protein, transmission of nerve signals, muscle function, healthy DNA, and more.
  • Chloride is found in all body fluids, and it is responsible for maintaining pH balance, transmitting nerve impulses and regulating fluid into and out of cells.
  • Magnesium chloride is a natural product, extracted from seawater.
    • It can be obtained from salt evaporation ponds along the coast of the oceans.
  • The ocean water captured in the ponds is allowed to sit for several months until it becomes a concentrated form of magnesium chloride.
    • The concentration causes all other minerals to precipitate and causes a separation including majority of salt.
    • Only the Magnesium stays suspended in the solution with 4% of the light salt, which remains on the surface: Fleur De Sel*.
  • Magnesium Chloride is from natural seawater origin, vs. Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate (MCH) which is produced in the lab.

*Fleur de sel ("flower of salt") is a salt that forms as a thin, delicate crust on the surface of seawater as it evaporates. Fleur de sel has been collected since ancient times (it was mentioned by Pliny the Elder in his book Natural History), and was traditionally used as a purgative and salve. It is now used as a finishing salt to flavour and garnish food.[1] The name comes from the flower-like patterns of crystals in the salt crust.


Pevonia Natural Marine Magnesium - where does it come from?

Pevonia’s Marine Magnesium is formulated by nature and the unpolluted and mineral rich waters of the Iroise Sea (Mer d’Iroise), a part of the Atlantic Ocean at the western tip of Brittany, France. The Iroise Sea is abundant with marine richness such as Seaweed, Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium and more. It’s a pure and natural Magnesium that is easily absorbed by the skin: the most bio-available and active form of Magnesium:

  • It’s very effective, as the best therapeutic mineral product
  • This exceptional formulation contains pure and natural Marine Magnesium concentrate in a seawater light gel base that is easily absorbed upon application
  • The concentration of Magnesium in this product is 7%
  • NOTE: If you experience a slight tingling sensation, it is not a sign of intolerance, but a sign of magnesium deficiency. It can be diluted with water for initial applications.

The main ingredient is Magnesium Concentrate, and is for:

  • Re-mineralising
  • Reducing sensitivity
  • Relieving muscular tension, cramping, pain, and inflammation
  • Detoxifying

What else is in it?

  • Sea Water (Maris Aqua): Re-mineralising
  • Glycerin: Preserves moisture
  • Acetic Acid: Controls bacterial growth, antiseptic

Who is it recommended for:

  • All skin types to de-stress, provide relief to muscle pain and tension, sore and swollen joints, cramps, stiffness, and improve aches and discomfort
  • Relieve the symptoms of Restless Legs Syndrome
  • Can be used by itself directly onto the targeted areas
  • Can be used to soak in a bath for ultimate absorption


  • Skin and muscle sensitivity
  • Sore muscles and joint discomfort
  • Cramping, pain, inflammation
  • Restless legs
  • Dehydration, rough skin
  • Stress

Get Results:

  • Reduces muscular tension and stiffening
  • Improves relaxation
  • Reduces pain, aches and sensitivity
  • Re-mineralises and de-stresses
  • Improves joint discomfort
  • Eases dryness, hydrates and nourishes

Pevonia’s Marine Magnesium comes in a 100ml bottle and can be purchased here. Superbly crafted, this powerhouse formula contains 100% pure and natural Marine Magnesium Concentrate in a light Seawater gel base for immediate and easy absorption upon application.

It is also used by participating spas and salons in their Body Wrap Treatments, Manicures and Pedicures, plus as an Instant Relief Therapeutic Massage where you can experience immediate relief from stiff, aching muscles and sore joints as you are transported to an oasis of therapeutic relaxation. This body recovery targeted massage features a highly concentrated, pure and natural marine magnesium, formulated for immediate absorption and proven alleviating benefits. An effective pain management and de-stressing treatment, it works quickly to relieve fatigue, muscle cramps, and muscular inflammation while nourishing your body and spirit with re-mineralising and wellness induced benefits. Ideal for arthritis, muscle tension, post-sports, menopausal symptoms and more.

To find your nearest Pevonia Spa or Salon, visit our Spa Finder section here.

Is Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) Caused by the Menopause?

Sleep problems associated with menopause, such as insomnia, may increase the chances of RLS and it’s possible that if you are not able to fall asleep you may perceive the increased severity of RLS.

While RLS is linked to menopause, it's not the cause. As the female hormones oestrogen and progesterone duck and dive in the lead up to menopause, it's thought that loss of oestrogen impacts on the muscles ability to relax.

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