We sent Emma, one of our Digital Marketing Team, to experience her first Pevonia facial.

Prior to the treatment, Emma completed a personal consultation card then met her therapist, in the lounge, to run through the details and ensure the Pevonia facial was suitable for her skin type and needs. The therapist also checked that she didn’t have any allergies or issues that would rule out certain facials.

The Plantomer Mask is a soothing and calming treatment to alleviate irritated or sensitive skin. Having earlier analysed her face with a skin scanner, it was determined that Emma’s skin showed areas of dehydration and a small number of break-outs. The propolis concentrate, used in the treatment, is desensitising and decongesting. With antiseptic and antibacterial properties, it helps strengthen fragile skin and controls occasional breakouts. An ideal choice for sensitive skin.

Once Emma was comfortable in the softly lit treatment room, she experienced the Pevonia Welcome Wellness Ritual - a massage technique that uses kneading, pressing and stretching to the shoulders, neck, arms and hands. Amongst other benefits, this helps to reduce emotional stress, relieves fatigue, increases blood circulation and increases skin oxygenation. This was followed by cleansing the eye and lip area, then face, neck and décolleté.

Emma’s eyes were covered by gauze, moistened with Pevonia’s Anti-Stress Eye Lotion, before the therapist brushed on the pre-prepared Pevonia Enzyme Powder Mask. This oat-based product smells lovely and works to brighten the skin without irritation. The pineapple and papaya enzymes nibble away dead skin and impurities. The mask was left for five minutes, whilst steam was applied to keep it moist and to open Emma’s pores.

After removing the mask with gauze, Emma’s therapist performed a few light extractions. This isn’t always the most comfortable part of a treatment, but it is very effective for clearer skin. It’s a great way to ensure the pores are nice and clear.

The next step was to thoroughly remove the enzymes. Emma’s skin was cleansed with foaming Phyto-Gel Cleanser and treated to another warm towel and an application of lotion. An ampoule of Propolis Concentrate was massaged into her face, neck, décolleté, arms and shoulders until fully absorbed.

Once again, Emma’s eyes were covered with gauze and Anti-Stress Eye Lotion. The therapist mixed the Plantomer Mask before applying the creamy, smooth product to her face and neck. This is cool and calming on the skin.

Whilst the mask was working its magic, Emma was treated to the Wellness Fusion Ritual Treatment Conclusion. I think of this as another wonderful bonus of a Pevonia facial. Emma’s feet were cleansed with warm towels, before Tension Relief Gel was massaged into her feet and legs. This is also cooling and is particularly pleasant on a hot day and for tired, aching legs.

With the mask now set, it’s time to lift it off the face in one piece. Now is a good time to look inside at those nasty little imperfections, such as lines and patches of dehydration. If you prefer not to see them, don’t look! Any mask residue is removed with a cool towel and lotion is applied once more.

Eye gel is gently tapped around Emma’s eye contour and Soothing Sensitive Skin Cream applied to her face and neck.

The treatment concludes with a hot towel neck roll, to ensure no tension remains, then a spritz across the face, neck and décolleté with Phyto-Aromatic Mist.

After the treatment, Emma said “My skin feels amazing: It’s super-soft, smooth and hydrated. I feel like I’m glowing! I would recommend this treatment to anyone who is dehydrated or suffers with sensitive skin. I thoroughly enjoyed my first Pevonia facial.”

Products used in the Plantomer Mask Treatment, that are also available for home use, include:

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