Body Brushing has always been an effective way of improving the health and look of the skin. 

The skin is the body’s largest organ and is highly-important when it comes to eliminating toxins found in the body. It is the first to show signs of an unhealthy lifestyle and body brushing can help to address this.

When body brushing, the circulation to the skin is increased, improving vascular activity as the blood and lymph helps to remove toxins and waste built up in these areas. This can appear uneven and is visible on the surface of the skin as cellulite.

Removing dead skin cells is also another benefit, body brushing helps the skin to shed these more efficiently, which in turn encourages new cell renewal. Skin will look smoother and brighter, and if you suffer with ingrown hairs, this helps to prevent them re-occurring.

More nutrients are absorbed through the skin, due to the pores now being clearer and muscle tone will look more defined.

It is important to have the correct brush to do this, a brush which contains natural bristles is best. Avoid ones which are made from nylon or synthetic materials as these will be too harsh for the skin. Having one with a long handle is also recommended as you will be able to reach all areas of the body.

Make sure to start dry body brushing before getting in the bath or shower. Working in gentle, circular motions, begin at the ankles, slowly moving upwards towards the heart.

Make sure to brush in this direction as the lymphatic flow moves towards the heart, however the back area is slightly different. Start brushing from the neck down to the lower back area.

Make sure to cover the lower legs, thighs, stomach and arms to get an even result. Do be aware though, areas such as sunburn, inflammation and sores/wounds should be avoided and allowed to heal fully before body brushing.

Afterwards, bath and/or shower using a natural shower gel to wash away the dead skin cells and impurities removed by dry body brushing.

Once dry, apply a moisturiser over the body to lock in hydration and nourish the newly revealed, soft skin.

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