It’s easy to think that this is normal and accept it, but we can make changes to our lifestyle to alleviate this.

Try making healthier choices for the body and mind by following Pevonia’s suggestions for a Detox 360…


The feeling we get after a good tidy-up is one of great satisfaction. Not only have you had a good clear out of your room, desk, car, etc., but you have also cleared out your mind. Take a moment to look at the rooms/areas you spend a lot of time in and see if the items around you are necessary. Do you use them? Will you ever need them? Sometimes we just put things to one side rather than deal with them, it takes a little effort, but you’ll feel a whole lot better afterwards.

Try a Herbal Cleanse

Ever tried a herbal tea/cleanse? This is of great benefit to the whole digestive system. It helps to de-bloat, along with boosting energy and improving mood. Ingredients to look out for are milk thistle, burdock, dandelion and artichoke.

You Time

Even if it is just five minutes, having some time to sit down, take a breath and reflect on your day is incredibly important. Whether you choose to meditate, read, listen to music or enjoy the silence, all these things have the ability to uplift your spirit, re-balance the mind and help you plan your day.


One of the nicest ways to relax is with a massage. Easing tension in your muscles and helping to de-stress the mind, massage is a wonderful way of re-setting the body and addressing aches, pains and general brain fog. It also helps to stimulate energy meridians within the body and the circulatory system.

Disconnect & Reconnect

Overuse of technology is now becoming commonplace. Too much phone, tablet and video-game use, effects not just adults, but children too. Blue light from the screens disrupts our sleep patterns and can damage our eyes. Try to have some hours during the day/evening with a ‘no technology’ zone. Talk more, get some fresh air and appreciate what’s around you.

Exercise More

When we exercise it simulates our circulatory system, this then increases our blood flow, enabling our organs to process toxins much more efficiently. It also instructs the brain to release endorphins, adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine. These are chemicals which make you feel good. Plus, after a good workout you may feel a sense of accomplishment.

You don’t need to join a gym, just find an exercise that you enjoy that gets the heart pumping faster. You don’t even have to leave home if you don’t want to. Dance around the house, pack in some star jumps and run up and down stairs. If you combine the movement with cleaning, vacuuming or steaming the floor, to have the added benefit of a clean house!

Sweat It Out

One of the most simple, yet effective ways of removing toxins from the body is to sweat. Exercise, or using a sauna, can do this, as it increases circulation which will then cause the body to perspire. This is where the toxins exit the body, through the skin. Just make sure to shower afterwards to remove them completely.

Sleep Like a Baby - Well One that Sleeps!

Sleeping for a good eight hours, gives our bodies the opportunity to recover, heal and store more energy ready for the day ahead. Our immune systems also get stronger, so while we are resting our brains, the body is performing mini miracles. A sleep tracker is useful for showing how much sleep you actually get. Earlyish to bed, then an hour with the telly or phone, is not the same as a long and restorative sleep.

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