Caring for your Skin with a clean conscience.

Pevonia is committed to implementing and expanding our green practices and to increasing awareness to make the world a better place for a greener earth. Since inception, Pevonia has always aligned the brand’s core beliefs and focus with professional expectations and consumer demands in mind. As a company, we are continuously committed to ensuring valued spa customers as well as existing and future clients can feel confident that in selecting Pevonia products and treatments, they are choosing serious skincare solutions formulated as nature intended for a safe and efficient approach to skin health and radiance.

It is and has always been an intrinsic part of Pevonia Natural Skincare’s ethos. The brand launched with sustainable and ethical sourcing practices, recyclable packaging, and natural, cruelty free, post-consumer biodegradable formulas to ensure a minimal footprint. We continuously search for and implement additional ways to increase sustainability with more eco-friendly packaging options, multi-use vs single-use packaging, and charitable contributions for planet conservation.

Eco-Vision 5 Year Plan

Pevonia’s Eco-Vision includes an aggressive 5-year plan for carbon-reduced packaging and they’ve already made a start to the Essentials Collection (Dry, Sensitive, Combination, Eye & Special Lines).

These have been repackaged incorporating recycled plastic which is post-consumer recyclable (Cleanser, Toner), with remaining items in the collections packaged in glass with more easily recyclable components (pumps, over cap) made from a blend of next generation plastic. This new PCR-plastic blend significantly reduces the percentage of plastic used per item by 50% (previous packaging included a 4-plastic blend).

Pevonia's Sun & Body Care products are also being re-packaged in the new PCR plastic blend and the creams will now all come in a new 150g tube, or a tub. One of the first products to transition is our Preserve Body Moisturizer. Our Hydrating Sunscreen has also been reformulated so that it's completely safe for our Oceans and Reefs; its also designed for use outdoors and indoors as well as offering additional protection against Blue Light produced by the everyday use of electronic devices. Find out more HERE.

As part of the company’s enhanced 5 year carbon-reduced environmental impact, Pevonia has entered into Zero Waste with regards to our Trial/Travel Kits. Zero Waste is a movement to reduce the amount one consumes and consequently throws away as a more sustainable way of living. A Zero Waste approach conserves natural resources and reduces pollution from extraction, manufacturing, and disposal.

Pevonia Zero Waste Trial Kits…

  • Now have a chic, modern natural-branding look/feel. They include an Insert with name, contents, how to use, ingredients, company info, and product symbols.
  • All packaging is reusable and refillable.
  • Each kit is branded with the Zero Waste logo + messaging: “As a part of our enhanced carbon-reduced vision, this packaging is reusable and refillable “.
  • Each kit comes in a convenient, transparent Pevonia-branded bag which can be re-used.
  • There is no change in pricing.

These kits are an ideal option to try before you buy and a great way to start a clinically-proven daily ritual.

Finally, Pevonia's selected box manufacturer uses environmentally friendly, plant-based inks for their product exterior boxes. Normal ink consists of 80% petroleum products and 20% pigments. Approximately 4 billion kg of ink are produced annually, which produces approximately 13.2 billion kg of CO2 equivalent. By reducing the need for petroleum, the negative externalities related to oil drilling, production and usage are also reduced. Not only is the box manufacturer replacing petroleum products in ink production, they are also able to use environmental CO2 during the algae growth. Every ton of algae removes 2 tons of carbon dioxide. They are ‘pulling’ CO2 out of the air to get the materials to make their ink products.

About Pevonia

For nearly three decades, Pevonia Natural Skincare has used purified water and sustainably sourced the highest quality non-GMO, natural ingredients from around the world. Tested to FDA standards, European standards, and beyond, optimal skin health and rejuvenation are the results giving your skin the nutrients it needs and desperately craves.

Clean Beauty

Pevonia uses green biotechnology in our formulations (extracting a minimal amount of renewable plant tissue). This aligns with our stance on environmental conservation without damaging or endangering botanical species. The earth’s natural sources are unharmed, and it aids in the removal of pollution from our soils, water, and air. In fact, by 2030, the World Wildlife Fund estimates that Biotechnology “has the potential to save the planet up to 2.5 billion tons of CO2 emissions per year.”


Around the world in nearly 130 countries, the finest spas, estheticians, and savvy consumers trust us for their skincare needs as we remain true to our cruelty-free promise by never testing on animals. Our multicultural solutions restore, de-age, and revitalise with breakthrough delivery systems. Pevonia formulas are made up of skin-friendly organic essential oils, plant extracts, vitamins, and other natural agents for quick absorption and exceptional results.

Vegan & Oncology-Safe Options

Our comprehensive skincare range offers vegan and oncology-safe options. With over 400 awards worldwide and counting, we are often praised for our natural solutions and scientifically proven results with visible benefits.

Giving Back to Greening

As part of Pevonia’s carbon-reduced ethos, the company supports select environmental preservation organisations and executes companywide measures such as minimising paper printing, recycling, saving energy, and other initiatives. Our philanthropic support includes numerous charitable organisations committed to clean water and environmental conservation such as: charity: water (current two year initiative to dig/set up wells in underprivileged countries without access to clean water), Riverkeeper, Waterkeeper, Arbor Day Foundation, etc. Pevonia joined charity: water upon discovering that 1 in 10 people on the planet lack access to clean water. You can learn more HERE or visit


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