What is Lavender? 

Lavender is an extract derived from the flowers of the Lavender Plant. The definition of English Lavender is a small, herbaceous to semi-woody, semi-evergreen perennial or perennial herb, with blue-purple, lavender, violet-blue, or white-pink flowers, depending upon cultivar (a.k.a. English Lavender). Lavender has been utilised in skincare products and healing remedies for many years now, due to its calming, healing and soothing properties. Lavender is also naturally anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and decongesting, which makes it a wonderful ingredient to help soothe, cleanse and heal the skin, its pleasant aroma also aiding in bodily relaxation.

What is its Origin?

The Lavender plant is native to the Western Mediterranean area of Southern France. Whilst it is now grown in many peoples gardens, the natural healing properties of Lavender have been serving many other purposes for hundreds of years. The Greeks and the Romans used to use Lavender oils to treat burns, and Lavender also derives from the Latin word ‘Lavere’, which means to ‘wash’. Lavender is therefore aptly used as a cleansing, healing and soothing ingredient for cleaning, replenishing and nourishing the skin with its gentle and remedial properties.

How can Lavender help my skin?

Oil or Extract?
Lavender can be used in several ways; as an Essential Oil, and as an Extract. With its varied properties it can help to ease a whole range of problematic skincare concerns, usually combined with other essential oils which all work in force together to achieve results. Lavender Essential Oil can be used in conjunction with other essential oils (for example, it works alongside Mint in the Pevonia Anti-Free Radicals Facial) to replenish and nourish the skin. Lavender extract is also used within home-use skincare products, as its pleasant aroma brings powerful restorative, decongesting and anti-inflammatory properties, which all work together to sooth the skin.

Acne Treatment
Lavender is a wonderful natural ingredient, with potent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. These will fight the bacteria which cause acne and inflammation; helping to reduce breakouts, keep the complexion clearer and calm redness caused by acne due to its natural soothing and decongesting properties.

Calm the Mind & Body
Lavender is a calming and remedial ingredient with a pleasant scent which is effective at relaxing and soothing feelings of stress and anxiety. Lavender can also be used to relieve stress through aromatherapy, whilst some people put a few drops of lavender oil on their pillow at night to help them sleep.

Soothes Dry, Irritated Skin Conditions
Eczema, psoriasis and other painful dry skin conditions can be soothed by the use of Lavender. The oil has the ability to bring relief from constant itching and to help reduce the symptoms of such conditions. It can also help to decongest the irritated area/s by adding much needed moisture which ultimately speeds up the healing process.

Natural Detoxifier
Containing powerful antioxidants, lavender can help to fight the harmful effects of free radicals, pollution etc. This will help skin recover quickly, slow the ageing process and calm any irritation caused.

Calm Burns & Stings
With its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, lavender can help calm burns and the scars caused by them, as well as insect bites and stings. It does this by improving the rate of healing and recovery, while reducing the amount of swelling around the affected area.

Which Pevonia products contain Lavender?


Hyaluronic Acid HydraMist

This alcohol-free, family-friendly hydrating toner works to instantly diminish feelings of tightness and dryness, counteracting dehydration and encouraging a healthier skin barrier.

De-Stress Escape Aromatic Oil

This ‘wellness in a bottle’ contains Safflower, Lavender, Grapefruit, Chamomile and Rose Flower Oils, Squalane and Vitamin E. Its blend of premium and natural oils work to effectively reduce skin that is dry and dehydrated while promoting a feeling of increased well-being and absolute relaxation. Its non-greasy texture and enticing scents make this a wonderful de-stressing, relaxing and deeply moisturising skin protector.

Soothing Propolis Concentrate

Found in the Jura Mountains of France, Propolis is a natural ingredient collected by the bees from Poplar trees. Rich in natural antibiotics, Propolis is a great healer; it desensitises skin and controls breakouts. Propolis and Lavender extracts ensure that sensitive and problematic skin is well cared for.

Aqua-Gel Foaming Cleanser

A sulfate-free and alcohol-free, aromatic foaming gel to deeply cleanse while hydrating the skin. Refreshing and user-friendly, the combined ingredients of Sodium Lauroyl Oat Amino Acids, Green Tea, Saponaria and Citric Acid work to thoroughly remove skin impurities, whilst the subtle Lavender aroma soothes and delights the senses.

Easy-Glide Shaving Emulsion

Containing Chamomile, Vitamin E and Lavender, this non-foaming formula adheres to skin and hair, facilitating a smooth glide of the razor without irritation and promotes a silkier, smoother non-invasive close shave. Skin is rendered oil-free and velvety smooth, without irritability.

Soothing After-Shaving Balm

Soothe, heal, cool, and hydrate your skin with this light-textured, non-greasy face balm. Containing Safflower, Portulaca, Green Tea, Arnica, Ginkgo Biloba and Lavender, your skin immediately absorbs this restoring cream to reduce redness, sensitivity, and irritation from shaving while preventing ingrown hairs, inflammation, and oiliness.

Collagen Boost Face Balm

Firm and plump your skin with this rejuvenating face balm. Containing Squalane, Marine Collagen & Elastin, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, Vitamins C & E, Panthenol and Lavender, this creamy moisturiser provides age-defying benefits whilst promoting a more youthful appearance.

Voted 76/100 by the Good Housekeeping Institute – FIND OUT MORE HERE.

Bath & Shower Gel - Anti Stress

This cleansing, tension-relieving bath and shower gel provides a natural aromatherapy treatment, leaving the skin full of moisture and wellbeing whilst relaxation is improved.  Calendula and Linden offer excellent healing for irritations, and Chamomile provides an anti-stress remedy. It also combines the aromatic and nourishing Hazel Nut, Almond and Lavender Essential Oils for calming results.

Dry Oil Body Moisturiser

Containing Squalane, Safflower, Aloe, Macadamia Nut, Lavender, Chamomile and Orris, this wonderful aromatic spray-on body moisturiser rejuvenates skin health and restores radiance, without feeling oily or greasy.

Jasmine & Lavender Bubble Bath/Shower Gel

Fragrant Jasmine and heavenly Lavender combine with natural Sea Salt to calm, sooth and moisturise the skin whilst promoting relaxation. Ideal for sensitive skin and to relieve dryness as well as help to sooth body skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczemas.

Jasmine & Lavender Bath Salts

Infuse your skin with mineralising Sea Salt, anti-stress Jasmine and relaxing Lavender to calm, soften, and decongest your skin for a more even complexion. Also relieves dryness, skin sensitivity, and irritation; providing a relaxing and calming scent. Ideal for body skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczemas. Suitable for all skin types. Can be used as a bath soak, foot spa or body polish.

Jasmine & Lavender Body Moisturiser

Containing high performing aromatic phyto-extracts, this sumptuous body cream is bursting with fragrant Jasmine and calming Lavender to moisturise, protect and renew your skin. Nourishing Vitamin E blends with antioxidant Ginseng Root to visibly smooth the skin, resulting in a more even skin tone.


Anti-Free Radicals Facial
Skin will be repaired with this deeply nourishing and complexion-replenishing facial which fights the effects of free-radical damage. Using an effective clay thermal mask, it first warms encouraging the absorption of vitamins into your skin, then cools to seal the rejuvenating benefits. Micro-emulsified Vitamins A and E maximise the skin’s protection against free-radicals and premature ageing, for velvety-smooth and deeply hydrated skin with refined pores.

Plantomer Hydrating Facial
This refreshing, soft lift-off mask combines the hydrating benefits of Seaweed the ocean’s finest resource with revitalising Propolis a natural healing and desensitising substance rich in natural antibiotics and Vitamin A. Soothing, nourishing and calming, it renders the skin undeniably radiant with added lavender, with highly visible results.

The Anti-Free Radicals Facial and Plantomer Hydrating Facial are offered at Pevonia spas and salons throughout the UK and Ireland - find your nearest spa/salon HERE.

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