What is it?

Safflower (Carthamus Tinctorius) is an annual, thistle-like plant with many branches, the plants are 30 to 150 cm tall with circular flower heads having yellow, orange, or red flowers. Safflower is primarily used for its oil which is extracted from the seeds; it's an unsaturated oil from which contains beneficial fatty acids, primarily linolenic acid.

How can Safflower Oil help my skin?

Safflower oil is found to be ideal for improving the quality, texture and tone of skin due to the abundance of linoleic acid which is vital for healthy skin.

The high content of linoleic acid in safflower oil makes it ideal for boosting the quality and appearance of your skin. This non-occlusive emollient allows skin to breath whilst preserving the skin’s natural barrier to soften and smooth dry areas whilst revitalising, hydrating and preventing moisture loss. Linoleic acts as a lubricant that prevents water from leaving your skin, and therefore locks in moisture for beautiful, healthy skin.

Safflower Oil is suitable for all skin types, with another of its benefits being able to help with acne prone skin. Linoleic acid is lacking in the oil of acne-prone skin and can combine with sebum to unclog the pores and reduce blackheads, as well as acne, which is a result of sebum build-up under the skin. Furthermore, linoleic acid stimulates the regeneration of new skin cells, meaning that it helps to clear up scars and other blemishes from the surface of the skin for an even and glowing complexion.

Which Pevonia products contain Safflower Oil?

This dynamite ingredient, and its benefits, can also be found in many of Pevonia’s skincare lines, including the award-winning lumafirm® Line:


CleanRefresh Foaming Oil Cleanser

Oil to foam, this alcohol-free, family-friendly cleanser lifts off skin impurities rendering skin completely clean and refreshed. For dry skin but also suitable for all skin types.

Rejuvenating Dry Skin Cream

A hydrating moisturiser that counteracts dryness. Recommended for those with dry, flakey skin and needs moisture. Great for those who want to prevent ageing too.

Vitaminic Concentrate

A highly concentrated, revitalising serum to ease dryness, smooth wrinkles and even skin tone whilst fighting free-radicals. Ideal for anyone with dry, dehydrated skin with an uneven texture.

De-Stress Escape Aromatic Oil

A botanical blend of natural oils which effectively work to reduce skin dryness and dehydration, whilst providing complete relaxation.

Sensitive Skin Cleanser

A creamy cleanser that gently removes makeup and impurities whilst reducing redness and irritations resulting in skin that feels calm, cool, refreshed and cleansed.

Soothing Sensitive Skin Cream

This hydrating moisturiser calms skin by alleviating redness and irritations whilst boosting the skin's healing process.

Balancing Combination Skin Cream

Reduce oil and boost hydration with this T-zone controlling moisturiser.

ProCorrective Clear-Control Mask

Level up your acne regime with this blemish-clearing Mask! A unique blend of science-backed actives powerfully targets breakouts leaving skin clearer, healthier, soft, smooth, and matte. 

ProCorrective Clear-Control Blemish Treatment

Wipe out breakouts with this ultra-light oil-free acne Spot Cream! Powerfully formulated with clinically proven blemish-fighting actives for fast-acting results. Our proprietary Super Clearing Complex rapidly minimises bacteria, dead cells, and pore-clogging impurities.

RS2 Cleanser

Thoroughly remove makeup and impurities while calming redness due to rosacea with this sulfate-free cleanser that rinses clean with no filmy residue.

RS2 Care Cream

Repair, moisturise and decongest rosacea skin, to achieve a visibly soothed complexion with this hydrating cream.

Resurfacing Glycocides Cream

A great at home treatment, smooth lines, clear pores, brighten skin tone, hydrate and refine skin texture with this moisturising, exfoliating treatment cream.

Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser

This non-drying, sulfate-free, exfoliating cleanser removes dead skin, keeps pores clear, and smooths rough skin, promoting a healthy, radiant complexion.

Enzymo-Spherides Peeling Cream

This deep cleansing, gentle, exfoliating treatment eliminates blackheads, toxins and dead skin cells resulting in a refreshed, brighter complexion.

Age-Correction Eye Contour

Prevent and correct the tell tales signs of fine lines and wrinkles in your fragile eye zone with this anti-ageing eye serum.

Marine Collagen Cream

Infuse moisture, plump fine lines and protect against UV damage with this deeply hydrating moisturiser.

Firming Marine Elastin Cream

Firm, tighten, repair and prevent loose/sagging skin with this hydrating moisturiser.

Micro-Retinol Essential Foaming Cleanser

This sulfate-free, age-defying, foaming gel cleanser hydrates, exfoliates, brightens, smooths and firms the skin.

Micro-Retinol Essential Moisturiser

Seal in your serum, deeply hydrate, smoothe, brighten and firm with this concentrated anti-ageing moisturiser.

lumafirm® Repair Cream

Proven to perform, this powerhouse repair cream is a definite answer to every consumer’s quest for immediate and highly visible skincare results.

Stem Cells Intensive Cream

Formulated for optimum potency and absorbency, this revolutionary de-ageing moisturiser rejuvenates, brightens, protects, and hydrates the skin.

Pure Skin Charcoal Mask

De-ageing, pore-cleansing, detoxifying, purifying, and brightening, this lightweight, citrus-infused mask delivers instant results - improved skin tone and a healthy glow.

Ageless Skin Collagen Mask

Delivering de-ageing and plumping Collagen Polypeptides that penetrate deeply to repair signs of ageing, diminishing visible lines and wrinkles; leaving your skin irresistibly smooth.

Bright Skin Green Apple Mask

This mask utilises Green Apple extract to brighten and tighten your skin while providing extreme hydration. Smooths and softens skin texture, reduces visible pores, balancing, oil controlling and mattifying, hydrating and brightening.

Easy-Glide Shaving Emulsion

Get the closest shave possible and prevent irritation, razor burn and dryness with this non-foaming cream-to-oil shaving solution that soothes and hydrates the skin.

Soothing After-Shaving Balm

Hydrate, moisturise, heal, cool, soothe, and reduce redness, sensitivity or irritation that accompany shaving as well as prevent ingrown hairs, inflammation and oiliness with this lightly-textured, non-greasy restoring balm.

Spa At Home Repairing Conditioner

This creamy conditioner nourishes, detangles and volumises hair for a smooth, silky finish.

Spa At Home Softening Body Moisturiser

This aromatic, milky Body Moisturiser boosts hydration for a smoother, silky-soft skin.

Jasmine & Lavender Body Moisturiser

A floral body cream to soothe and calm, decongest and heal for an even skin tone, whilst providing a fragrant aroma. Ideal for those who suffer with psoriasis and eczemas but suitable for all skin types.

Dry Oil Body Moisturiser

Revitalise, nourish, soothe, heal and hydrate with this easy-to-apply spray-on body moisturiser.

Preserve Body Moisturiser

Smooth, hydrate, nourish, repair and soften skin texture with this rapidly-absorbing, revitalising body moisturiser.

Silky Skin Body Scrub

Cleanse, exfoliate and polish away dead skin cells and impurities as well as improve circulation with this sulfate-free, non-irritating body scrub.

Crepe-No-More Body Cream

Reduce crepiness and cellulite for a smoother skin texture. Deeply hydrate, nourish, firm and moisturise resulting in a brighter, softer skin. Also great to repair sun damaged skin.

De-Ageing Body Balm - Papaya & Pineapple

Smooth lines and wrinkles, firm skin tone and texture, nourish, replenish and repair with this tropical, anti-ageing body moisturiser.

lumafirm® Body Moisturiser

The lumafirm® Body Moisturiser is an innovative blend of fast acting actives within advanced delivery systems that work deep within the skin for extraordinary targeted repair. Lavish your skin with the enticing, refreshing aroma as it quickly absorbs and drenches skin with continuous repair and rejuvenation.

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