What is it?

Shea butter is a fatty white substance which is extracted from the nut of the African Shea tree. Derived from stearic acid and oleic acid, Shea Butter is known as a triglyceride, which is a fat. Used in cosmetics and popular in moisturisers, it is also edible and is used sometimes in replacement of Cocoa Butter in the chocolate industry or to prepare food in Africa.

How can Shea Butter help my skin?

Ultimate Moisturiser

Shea Butter is one of the most effective moisturising ingredients around. It contains a high-concentration of fatty acids and natural vitamins, making it very nourishing for the skin. It is also soothing on areas of irritation and inflammation and is excellent at reviving and healing cracks in the skin, especially on the feet by locking in the skin’s natural oils.


A property of Shea Butter which isn’t that well-known is the fact that it's a natural anti-ageing ingredient. It strengthens the skin by stimulating the production of collagen, which as we all know, is the protein found in the skin which has a ‘scaffolding’ effect, giving the skin structure and keeping it supple.

Vitamin Rich

Naturally rich in vitamins A, E and F, Shea Butter feeds the skin and provides protection and nourishment to the skin. It also offers UV protection and prepares the skin for Collagen production by increasing the essential fatty acids and nutrients which are needed by the skin to make collagen.


Having anti-inflammatory properties, Shea Butter can reduce inflammation. It contains substances called Cinnamic Acid and Lupeol Cinnamate, which calm inflamed skin, reduce redness and those suffering with acne, it can soothe the core affected areas.

Naturally Healing

Known for improving and treating skin concerns such as scaring, stretch marks, chapped skin, eczema, psoriasis and areas of discolouration, Shea Butter with its high content of vitamin A, is a multi-tasking ingredient. Vitamin F, also found within Shea Butter is a natural rejuvenator and is responsible for soothing stressed skin and healing those areas which are rough and chapped.

Fat Fighter

Shea Butter has recently been know to support reducing cellulite and aiding metabolism.

Great for those who are Active

If you regularly play sport or are very active, consider using Shea butter on the skin, especially on large areas of muscle. This is because it helps to prepare the muscles for activity and after, it actively helps to eliminate toxins. It can reduce the amount of aches and pains you feel after exercise too, as not only are you massaging tension out of the muscle, but also releasing lactic acid, which naturally builds up during exercise.

Which Shea Butter?

There are two different types of Shea Butter, refined or unrefined:

Refined Shea Butter

Refined Shea Butter is mainly used when making chocolate. The process is mainly chemical, with the Shea Butter being bleached, heated and all odours removed. When this happens, all the goodness found in Shea Butter has been eliminated, as the anti-ageing and protective moisturising qualities are no longer there.

Unrefined Shea butter

This is Shea Butter in its raw, natural state. It can be extracted from the nut manually or by a mechanical process but will not go through any chemical processes. The smell would have been slightly reduced by steam so it is not too nutty, but the beautiful golden/ivory colour remains. All the skin-loving qualities are intact, so the final product is natural, full of skin benefits and is eco-friendly.

Which Pevonia homecare products contain Shea Butter?

Rejuvenating Dry Skin Cream

This hydrating moisturiser counteracts dryness, deeply nourishes, and fights the signs of ageing.

ProCorrective Clear-Control Mask

Level up your acne regime with this blemish-clearing Mask! A unique blend of science-backed actives powerfully targets breakouts leaving skin clearer, healthier, soft, smooth, and matte. 

YouthRenew Tinted Cream SPF30

A 5-in-1 daily defence cream: a moisturiser, broad spectrum, natural mineral tint , anti-ageing, and brightening, with Marine Collagen, Vitamin C, Shea Butter and much more.

Rapid Restore Lip Balm

This product features a unique texture, lusciously crafted, to gently exfoliate your lips and lip contour. Its triple action de-ageing formula activates with the warmth of the lips, melting and absorbing to quickly reach all targeted areas.

Ageless Skin Collagen Mask

This anti-ageing clay mask restores moisture, smooths and plumps texture while firming and brightening the skin.

Pure Skin Charcoal Mask

This purifying clay mask detoxifies and cleanses pores for a brighter, more clarified skin tone with a healthy glow.

Bright Skin Green Apple Mask

This refreshing and balancing clay mask reduces visible pores, controls excess oil, resulting in a smooth, matte complexion.

Crepe-No-More Body Cream

This breakthrough body cream offers excellent skin smoothing and slimming benefits resulting in a firmer, deeply hydrated, more rejuvenated and luminous appearance.

Stem Cells Intensive Body Corrector

Featuring a unique de-aging blend of Argan and Comfrey plant-origin Stem Cells and other highly active natural ingredients, you’ll notice a reduction in uneven skin and a more youthful, contoured appearance!

De-Ageing Body Balm – Papaya and Pineapple

This rich and creamy body balm with fresh Papaya and Pineapple, is formulated with micro-emulsified Shea Butter which serves to release Collagen and Elastin polypeptides, Tegospheres with Retinol, Pomegranate extract and anti-ageing tropical fruits extracts within the formula. Used daily, the Balm will maintain or restore skin youthfulness, rendering skin nourished and replenished.


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