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Facial Shammy

Facial Shammy

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A hygienic 100% PVA cloth to remove all traces of cleanser residue. 


The super soft, smooth surface is ideal for sensitive skins. Because of its non snag surface and heat and water retention capacity, it acts as a superb shaving cloth for men too.

Key Benefits

  • More hygienic than a face towel or flannel as it dries hard quickly after use thus preventing germs breeding
  • Removes all traces of cleanser
  • Super soft it is gentle on all skin types, especially sensitive
  • Ideal for men as a shaving cloth
  • Retains water
  • Gentle cleansing

How to Use

Wet cloth with warm water and remove all cleanser residue. Rinse cloth after each use and leave to dry. Use as part of your daily cleansing routine.

Can be machine washed.

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